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Mastering studio duophonic
Besides our vinyl cutting services we offer audio mastering in our new equipped and acoustically designed studio.
With our great experience in analog media we bring the warmth back to your  recordings. Our focus is on mastering for analog mediums, but your digital release will also benefit from the dynamic and loudness claims of the analog world.
We further offer a special mastering for your vinyl pressing to bring your sound to vinyl in the best way. Therefore just send us your pre-master, we take care of the rest. We can cut tests for every song to tweak every EQ or compressor setting. So the intended sound will translate perfectly on the mastercut. If you are not shure if your master will work on vinyl, because it was done for your digital relaease, upload it and we can run a testcut and send back the digitalized version.


mastering analog gear
  • Benchmark DAC1 I/O
  • Mytek ADC 96
  • Samplitude 11
  • UAD 2 card
  • Otari BX56
  • Studer B62
  • Dangerous ST
  • Dangerous ASS
  • RTW 1204 Meter
  • Orban 536A Deesser

  • Adt TM205 Stereo Mastering EQ
  • Adt TM130 MS EQ
  • Adt TM222 Mastering Compressor
  • API 2500 Compressor
  • Gyraf Gyratec X Vari Mu Compressor
  • Gyraf Gyratec XIV Passive EQ
  • Neumann PEa
  • Clariphonic EQ
  • Klein & Hummel OY
  • Klein & Hummel O300 D
  • Klein & Hummel O800 Sub

vinyl mastering

Mastering Prices

Article Price
Mastering per song 48,00 €
Mastering studiohour 55,00 €

All listed prices incl. 19% VAT

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