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If you are not able to create your artwork by yourself, we offer you to do the whole design and production ourself.
You have an idea, but not the possibility to meet all the technical specifications? We help you with all the issues like bleed, saturation and resolution.

We are happy to make an individual offer for you.

Preparing and submitting your graphics

For any images that are going to be off-set printed,
we recommend that you use images of 300 dpi at actual size.
All fonts shold be embedded or converted to vectors. The color saturation sould not be over 300%.

We accept the following file types:

pdf fonts and linked files have to be embedded!
eps fonts and linked files have to be embedded!

Photoshop  10,00€ additional fee!
Illustrator 10,00€ additional fee!
Tif 10,00€ additional fee!
jpeg 10,00€ additional fee!

Here you find our specifications: